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Welcome to my portfolio and blog where I explore and share the beauty of creation while providing tips and tricks for how you can do the same. Join me as I take new steps, forever curious.

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About Me

Ambitious and driven, adventurous and optimistic, I am a hobbyist photographer with interests in a lot of different photography genres. I started off with a Samsung D760 taking photos of my cats and sharing them with my high school friends who didn’t understand my fascination with my little furballs. 10 years later, I’m rocking a Nikon D800, still taking photos of my precious balls of fur! During this time I’ve also gained an appreciable knowledge of other genres of photographic composition, always learning and incorporating the wonder of creation into my photos.
I’m also an avid sociologist and educator, trained in Sociology in Toronto, Canada and Colchester, England. I have interests in combating cyber-crime and learning how to best respond to hackers across the world. I have written two articles on the social nature of hacking, available HERE and HERE.

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Cameron Penny

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Never Stop Learning.

“You must learn to use your life experience in your intellectual work: continually examine and interpret it” ~ C.W. Mills

Capture. Learn. Experience.

Awesome Tutorials

Constantly working on my own photography skills, I’m excited to constantly share and update people with what I’ve been working on to promote a more knowledgeable, reflexive, and growing group of photographers.

High Quality Prints

If you’re interested in buying some of my photos as prints or for commercial use, I am currently selling items online through my web shop. Contact me if you’d like to use any of my work for your not for profit organizations.

My Experiences

Based on my previous experiences in all sorts of environments, whether post-processing or shooting stunning Canadian landscapes, follow my (near-)epic adventures in becoming a better photographer.